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Service and Satisfaction

Why do millions of travellers rely on Mondial Assistance for travel assistance? It might be our extensive global network of travel experts and service providers. Perhaps it’s due to our presence in 28 countries and 5 continents. Or maybe it’s our 50 year history of providing top-quality travel assistance.

No matter how or why you choose us, nothing matters more than our customers. When you travel with us, your safety and satisfaction become our top priority. In fact, more than 96% of our customers report that they are extremely satisfied with our services.

But don’t take our word for it. Read real-world stories from a few of the many travellers we’ve helped.

Safe and Secure Transactions

Buy online with confidence. All of your information is protected, and we never share your personal information—including your email address—with any third party. Your privacy is always strictly protected.

For more than half a century, Mondial Assistance has been providing support and assistance to travellers around the world. Millions of customers turn to us every year to for travel protection, help, and advice. When you choose Mondial Assistance, you enjoy:

The expertise of more than 9,300 travel professionals worldwide 24-hour emergency assistance and support. Access to a global network of 400,000 service providers worldwide